Christmas Card Sayings Religious

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Christmas is considered one of the most beautiful festivals for children and adults. Advent is perceived by many people as a time of silence and harmony. Christmas is the feast of love on which the family comes together, expressing good wishes for the coming year and celebrating Merry Christmas with all the beloved ones.

Bright lights and mulled wine smell everywhere,
carols in a loud sound.
Christmas joy is announced,
through the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
After Bethlehem Mary and Joseph went to bring the Messiah to the world.
There was a knock on every door in town,
but almost everyone sent it away.
Only a stable let them hope,
there they met stool and donkey.
In the crib, a bed was made,
which accompanies way into the world for the Christkind.
Jesus, who healed people
and gave blessings to the wicked.
In order to divert the thoughts for the good,
today we want to commemorate the Son of God.

A star shone in the dark night,
from far and wide the people have brought.
To the stable where the Christ child was born,
chosen as Messiah for the salvation of the world.
Christmas should be a happy, contemplative time,
God's Son for us has freed the future.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas time means silence and contemplation,
after all the Savior has freed us.
But in the city, in the shops and on the train,
the people rushing and running, the stress can be seen on the faces.
Only hectic, stress and bad mood determine the day,
that was not the will of Jesus, when he lay in the manger.
The kingdom of heaven should proclaim the people
upon whom all hope should be founded.
Stress and envy should not be there
because Jesus did not invite his disciples.
Compassion and pure love
should be man's nature.
That is what we should trust in Christmas, rather
than blocking ourselves the way to God.

There is silence in the manger,
a child, that was God's will.
At Christmas, we remember
this child, the message brought us here.
Neither Christmas goose, nor presents make Christmas,
just contemplation, silence and love make the meaning of Christmas.
To celebrate Christmas in this sense
means understanding others.
The world we drove into peace, we
would love all people only.
As Jesus did in the stable
, breaking every wall.

In the middle of the dark night a light
breaks its way through the clouds.
The Christ Child was born today,
chosen by God Himself to be the Messiah.
Christmas we remember him every year,
then we direct our steps to God.

Candles shine in the light,
we open our hearts completely,
the child lies in the crib,
the child that loves us all.
We want to give our love to him,
every year we commemorate Jesus.
In this heavenly night,
God has brought us Christmas.

Filled with joy, your hearts are
everywhere lit bright candles.
It is born the Christ child that
brings you all bliss.


Do you also feel how wonderful it is
to celebrate the day Jesus Christ came
to us?
Since glad and enjoys the silence of the night
to Christ,
whose arrival has made us happy.

Christmas Tree 2010

Do not just look forward to the Christmas bonus
because not only that's what counts.
We celebrate the birth of God's Son
is he worth more than her wages?


For Christmas we want to give:
A merry Christmas and God bless
all the you ye purpose of the Lord
and wish that he richly blessed
you all with the strength and the courage
to love his neighbor as he does so
may he accompany you through life
praised Be Christ at all times.


We wish you, as a Christian,
a part of our community,
a beautiful, blessed night
in silence and guarded by the angels.


I do not want to talk much and not for long
I wish everyone a blessed Christmas!
May the Lord protect you
that you are well, that is what I wish so much.


The stars twinkle in the sky
Born to be the savior of the world.
Merry Christmas also this year
He is among us, he is close to us.


Prizes by night and by candlelight
the child born in the stable
that has come to redeem us is a
Merry Christmas to every Christian!


Hear the bells ringing,
We celebrate the birth of Christ today.
The bells ring far and near, he is
born, the Savior is here!


Merry Christmas to all
See the Christ Child in the stable
See also the maiden next to it
and the angels in the sky hovering
the three kings and shepherds
all they brought the child
Let us give the child
in prayer think of him.