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Tis the Season for some Christmas greetings, Easter sayings and more. We wanted to bring you some of the best wishes, greetings and messages this Holiday season!

Religious Christmas card sayings

It is Christmas time and it is time to start your Christmas cards. We usually wait to the last minute but I do like to have some options for the sayings we put in our cards. I love these:

  • A star shone in the dark night, from far and wide the people have brought. 
  • To the stable where the Christ child was born,  chosen as Messiah for the salvation of the world. 

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Thanksgiving Wishes Quotes

Happy Thanksgiving. It is turkey time and here are some Quotes that you can use. I am always looking for new ideas for creative messages to use. I think these are very cute:

  • "When I turned my focus on my blessings, I experienced a total turnaround in my life." ~ by Willie Nelson.
  • All of us have something to be grateful for.

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Easter Wishes Phrases

When it is Spring, it will be Easter. It is a time of rebirth It is time for Easter messages.


Halloween Party Ideas

If you have plans to organize a Halloween party, you should consider several things like the party theme, menu, costume, and Halloween decorations.