Faster Than One Liners

Huge list of some great ones liners for you to enjoy.


List of one liners to use from life, shows and movies

I love coming up with cheesy quotes from shows and movies to put in cards and emails. Life goes so quick but it is still a good idea to put together a nice one liners list. Here are some faster than one liners items I have now:

  • Vanished quicker than [one hit wonder]’s music career.
  • Faster than a wink of an eye
  • Faster than the wife can figure out a way to spend it.
  • Faster than a cat on a mouse
  • Faster than a speeding bullett
  • Quicker than your mother can unbutton her overalls.
  • Faster than a cheetah could pounce on a limping [political figure].
  • Gone faster than a [container of indigestion remedy/domesticated animal] in a [restaurant].
  • Faster than a new version of anything by Microsoft needing to be patched.
  • Disappeared faster than a [snack food] at a [diet program] meeting.
  • Faster than a teenage girl with juicy gossip
  • Gone faster than a toupee in a hurricane.
  • That was faster than green grass through a goose.
  • Out quicker than [sports team] at the play-offs.
  • Disappeared faster than a watermelon in the hands of gallagher.
  • Gone quicker than a cheesy poof in the hands of Cartman.
  • Faster than a dog with a bone
  • Quicker than [fat celebrity] would sign up for a butter convention (groundhog-at-a-cabbage-convention, etc)
  • Faster than a speeding ticket.
  • Lost faster than an intern’s dignity at a cigar club meeting
  • Faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up.

Faster Than One Liners

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