Easter Phrases

Are you looking for some fun phrases to use on cards, websites or maybe social media? Looking for Easter messages or wishes for a special person or sentiment?

Happy Easter, with the resurrection of Christ! May your life be ruled by kindness!

Let the flavor of the cake fill your home! A family gathers at the table! Let the hearts fill with the light of heaven! On the feast of Easter holy heat and miracles to you! Christ is risen!

We sincerely wish a happy Easter, Christ is resurrected - today these are the main words! May the Lord protect you from harm, And reward you for your good deeds.

As at Easter, as at Easter, the eggs all drove into the paint. The post is over, let's put on weight. Good day! Christ is Risen!

Let the Easter cakes burn with candles! In anticipation of miracles! So congratulations, we answer: "Christ truly rises!"

Good News: “Christ is Risen! "And you can wait for other miracles ... all that the soul is worried about, let it be successfully formed!

Easter basket
Christ is risen! Christ is risen! The sun shines from heaven! The dark forest has already turned green, Christ has truly risen!

Get up early, eat an egg, drink red wine, get ticked before fun on Christ Sunday! Soak the meat, and into the woods! Happy Easter to you! CHRIST IS RISEN !!!

Happy Easter to you! Christ is risen! He is with us again! Let everything go quietly, okay, the Lord brings you light, love!

Let everything be like in a fairy tale, life will be filled with light. I congratulate you on Easter and wish you faith.

And spring came again, life again turned into a fairy tale! With the Resurrection of Christ, with the Great and Beautiful Easter! Christ is risen!

In the morning, having washed your face, Take a cake, break an egg. And taking a glass, say as a toast: Today Christ is Risen again!

With Christ, life is bright, simple. So glorify our Christ! And the birds are happy, the forest has come to life ... Happy Christ's Day! Christ is risen!

With the bright Sunday of Christ! With a wonderful wonder of wonders! May holy enlightenment descend, rejoice, CHRIST IS RISEN !!!
easter bunny

Tablecloth, white candle. The flavor of the cake. Category pours into glasses - drink a little, persuasion. The variety of eggs and the smile of good faces. Happy holiday- Christ is Risen! Kindness! Love! Miracles!

Christ is risen! - just two words, but how much grace are in them! We are again illumined in your hearts with heavenly bliss.

"Christ is Risen!" I say and congratulate, And on the holiday of Easter, I wish you, To live in complete health and joy, Without sorrow, sorrow, and envy.

Easter is the sound of bells, which awakens all the best in us. At Easter, we all forget about the bitterness in our souls. The covenant of this day is to love your neighbor!

May all of you have food on the table every day, kindness in the hearts, and harmony in the soul! I wish you health and all sorts of benefits. Easter!

There are not many people who believe in God seriously in view of all of us understandable arguments in Lent ... But by Easter, it reaches one hundred percent!

May the soul with hope freeze in anticipation of the grace of heaven, May the Highest not leave you in your goodness! CHRIST IS RISEN!

Spring has come again. Now Life has become a bright fairy tale again: Happy Christ’s Sunday, Happy Great and Beautiful Easter!

May God reward you double - all that you desire for me! Happy Easter, friends!

Quotes about Easter - On Sunday, the bright of Christ is the hope of each of us. If you ask for mercy from God, he will hear you at that very hour!