Party Bucket List

Huge list of some great ideas to add to your things to do checklist


Everyone should make a list that you should set out to accomplish

List of stuff to do

I love me some list of stuff to do. Life goes so quick but it is still a good idea to put together a list of fun stuff you want to accomplish. Bucket list for you and your boyfriend. Here are some party bucket list items I have now:

  • Shower with your underwear on while drunk.
  • Sneak into a Casino
  • Become a Beer Pong King
  • Defriend everyone from first semester and orientation that you haven’t spoken to in months.
  • Get drunk before class.
  • Clean the Freshman Facebook Out
  • Make out with someone of the same sex in the middle of a room at a crowded party or bar.
  • Use the gym as social hour and scope out all the hotties that you are too afraid to talk to when sober.
  • Start a Protest for Something You Don’t Care About
  • Steal at least 3 pounds worth of food from the dining hall.
  • Go out to a fancy dinner with new friends, formal attire required.
  • Spend a week only eating things you’ve never tried before.
  • Forget to wear underwear to class.
  • Run out of the money on your student ID before the end of each semester.
  • Do a keg stand or a gargoyle.
  • The Walk of Shame
  • Get Drunk in Class
  • Pull a bona fide all-nighter.
  • Sleep through the next fire alarm.
  • Dance on a table, bar, or anything higher than ground level, with your hands in the air pointing at the crowded party-goers below you.
  • Get blacked out and wake up in an unfamiliar place.
  • Go out on a weekday night and then go to class at 8am the next morning.
  • Hook up with someone you’ve never spoken to before, but is in one of your classes.
  • Take a test without studying for it.
  • Start a chant at a school-wide sporting event.
  • Skip a Class for No Other Reason Than to Sleep
  • Take ten shots in ten minutes.
  • Drink goldschlagger and then immediately vomit it back up in the nearest trashcan.
  • Get caught drinking by public safety and have a meeting with the RD a few days later persuading them that you are NOT an alcoholic.
  • Walk into a random house with 30 other people while drinking mixed drinks out of plastic bottles.
  • Use your fake ID to get into the nearest shit bar that will let you in and order pitchers of beer all night.
  • Drunk dial your parents and tell them you are lost.
  • Grow a Beard
  • Attend a protest.
  • Go Streaking During a Live Sports Event
  • Learn to Speak Another Language (Just the Bad Words)
  • Find Someone to be Your Slam Piece
  • Meet up with the people you talked to online all Summer and feel extremely awkward doing so.
  • Do a Keg Stand, Naked
  • 13. Get Bent for the First Time in Your Life
  • Play pranks on the floor above you.
  • Refer to everyone by their orientation dates.
  • Stay at school for one holiday instead of going home.
  • Have a cliché Spring Break and go down to Miami.
  • Try everything in the dining hall… French fries, grab and go lunch, the ice cream bar, the waffles on Sunday morning, etc.
  • Funnel four beers in five minutes.
  • Do a Bar Crawl
  • Eat an Entire Pizza, Alone.
  • Get a Chick To Eat a Banana While Also Competing in a Wet T-Shirt Contest
  • Road Trip with your Buddies
  • Hook up with four different people in the same night.
  • Get stuck in an elevator with someone you hooked up last weekend… and their significant other.
  • Play a drinking game at a frat house and then streak around the house if you lose.
  • Lie and Tell Someone You are a Professor
  • Go to a Bar, Get into a Fight, Get Kicked Out of That Bar
  • Fall for someone who has absolutely no romantic interest in you.
  • Order pizza, dp dough, wings over ___, or ice cream on a regular basis and then ask yourself how you gained 15 pounds this semester.
  • Attend a Sorority House Foam Party
  • Go to a foam party dressed inappropriately.
  • Have an impromptu dance party on the quad.
  • Sexile someone at least once.
  • Interrupt a campus tour.
  • Become outraged that you didn’t get into any classes you wanted during registration.

Party Bucket List

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