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List of quotes to use from shows and movies

I love coming up with cheesy quotes from shows and movies to put in cards and emails. Life goes so quick but it is still a good idea to put together a nice quotes list. Here are some Funny Quotes in Spanish quotes items I have now:

  • Ponerse las pilas: To put in the batteries
  • Quedarse con los brazos cruzados: Staying with your arms crossed.
  • Hablando del Rey de Roma…: Speaking of the King of Rome
  • Burro hablando de orejas: A donkey talking about ears
  • Ser pan comido: To be eaten bread
  • Feliz como una lombriz: Happy as a worm
  • ¿Qué le dijo una ganza a la otra? Venganz: What did one goose say to the other? Revenge.
  • Creerse la última Coca-Cola del desierto: To think of oneself as the last coca-cola in the desert.
  • Se puso hasta las chanclas: He/she put themselves up to the sandals.
  • Él que transa no avanza: He who deceives never advances.
  • Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.: A shrimp that sleeps is carried away by the current.
  • Echarse al agua: To get in the water
  • Despacio que tengo prisa.: Slowly that I’m in a rush.
  • Caras vemos corazones no sabemos: We see faces but we don’t know hearts.
  • Tomar el pelo: To take someone else’s hair
  • No tener pelos en la lengua: To not having hair on the tongue.
  • Mejor solo que mal acompañado.: It’s better to be alone than in bad company.
  • Tirar la casa por la ventana: Throw the house out the window.
  • Tirar/Botar la casa por la ventana: To throw the house out of the window
  • Meter la pata: To put in the paw
  • Más vale mal por conocido que bueno por conocer.: Known evil is better than unknown good.
  • De golosos y tragones, están llenos los panteones.: Cemeteries are full of greedy people.
  • Estar vivito y coleando: To be alive and kicking
  • Dar (la) lata - Literal meaning: To give the can
  • ¡Que pedo!: What fart!
  • Más vale un pájaro en mano que ciento uno volando: One bird in hand is better than 100 birds flying.
  • No saber ni papa de algo: Not knowing a potato about something
  • Crear / criar fama y echarse a dormir: To create/raise fame and lay down to sleep
  • Es mejor pedir perdón que permiso.: It’s better to apologize than to ask for permission.
  • No hay mal que por bien no venga.: There’s nothing bad that doesn’t occur in the name of a greater good.
  • This saying is about splurging on special occasions, namely spending a lot of money when the situation warrants it.
  • Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda: Although the monkey is dressed in silk, monkey remains.
  • Mandar a alguien por un tubo: Send someone through a tube.
  • Ser uña y mugre: To be nail and grime.
  • This saying reminds people to take care of themselves in relationships.
  • Ponte las pilas.: Put your batteries on.
  • Hacer su agosto: To make your august
  • Irse por las ramas: To go through the branches
  • Échale ganas.: Insert desire.

Funny Quotes in Spanish

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