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  • Chemistry is important. If you like your teammates, it’s going to be easier to play with them on the court.
  • My mother taught me to always be strong and always work hard. She’s been working hard her whole life for me and my brother. I’m a lot like her in that I work hard for what I want. She taught me that.
  • My style has changed and evolved mainly because I’ve grown to have more confidence in myself.
  • It feels good to come here and be a winning program.
  • It's fun that I get to live out my dream every single day. It's a blessing. I can't lose sight of that and I've just got to keep pushing.
  • Twitter is a place where I can let people know what type of person I am, and I got some good feedback from it. More good than bad, so it's a good outlet to let people know who I am.
  • A big market is something that doesn’t really concern me too much. It’s cool to think about, it’s good for off-the-court deals. But I’m more of a basketball player. That’s what I want to be known as. And this is the best place for me to play basketball. I’m glad I’m here.
  • I know that the hard work got me here. And the day I stop working hard, this can all go away.
  • I’ll play all five positions if my team needs me to.
  • I’m always hungry. I want to be the best.
  • So many people doubted me. They motivated me every single day, to be, who I am.–
  • I’ve learned what it feels like to lose, believe me. But I think, in the end, that is just going to make winning that much better.
  • The grass is not always greener on the other side. You learn to appreciate these people.–
  • I just loved being in the gym. It was tough at times. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but I'm glad I stuck with it.
  • My dream was to become a rec league coach. I love basketball so much, I love playing it, I just never thought I’d make it to college, NBA, or be standing up here today. It is a surreal feeling. So many people doubted me and motivated me. I failed so many times and got back up. I got through the toughest times with my family, but I’m still standing.–
  • Basketball is just a platform, in order for me to inspire people.
  • When people are used to you doing something, they want you to stay in that lane.
  • I was always intrigued simply about how we got here. Why do we do the things we do? Who made us like this? My mom always sat me down and talked to me and I have spiritual teachers that help me out. I’m not perfect at all by any means.
  • There’s never a point where you can stop getting better.
  • It's hard to play well, but it's easy to work hard.
  • Every memory I have from when I was a kid involves basketball.
  • If I’d gone straight to the NBA, I don’t think I would have been ready as a player or a person.
  • My wildest dreams are when I’m wide awake.–
  • I'm always hungry. I want to be the best.
  • All this stuff is kind of surreal to me – Ididn’t think I’d be in the league or none of that. It was making it to college. That’s about it.
  • We wasn’t supposed to be here. You made us believe. You kept us off the streets. Put clothes on our backs, food on the table. When you didn’t eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You the real MVP.
  • With everything I do, I just try to be myself.
  • I’m like a chameleon. I adapt to my situation. It’s very slowed down here. I like it that way. I’m a guy that’s very reserved, quiet and shy myself.
  • I’ve been second my whole life. I was the second best player in high school. I was the second pick in the draft. I’ve been second in MVP voting three times. I came second in the finals. I’m tired of being second… I’m done with it.
  • Everything has been such a whirlwind ever since I stepped foot in the league and everything has been like a dream, so I’m just blessed to be in this position.–
  • It’s part of my game, getting to the free-throw line and being aggressive. If you say that I get superstar calls or I get babied by the refs, that’s just taking away from how I play. That’s disrespectful to me.
  • I want to be one of the best players in the game.
  • Whoever want my spot can play me one-on-one for it.
  • Set the goal and work all days for it, until you achieve. I want to be a champion, the best!–
  • I've learned what it feels like to lose, believe me. But I think, in the end, that is just going to make winning that much better.
  • With a versatile player, there’s no spot on the court you can’t pass him the ball. You can do anything.
  • Hopefully before I’m done, I can be on an Olympic team.
  • I want to be a champion.
  • Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
  • You know, I think more people should watch women’s basketball. It’d do so much for the game.
  • I’m just trying to grow. That’s one thing I told myself is, ‘Don’t worry about who people say is the best player’.–
  • Experience is the best teacher. I’ve been through a lot—going to the Olympics, going to the Finals, having a lot of good games and having a lot of bad games. It’s a rollercoaster ride and I’m just happy I’m a part of it. If it was easy, then everybody could do it. I’ve learned so much about myself and about my game, and I just keep growing every single year. It’s fun that I get to live out my dream every single day. It’s a blessing. I can’t lose sight of that and I’ve just got to keep pushing.
  • I’m like a chameleon. I adapt to my situation.–
  • I was always in the gym. People would look at me crazy because I spent so much time there. But that’s what it was about. I’m glad I did it.
  • This city, All they want us to be is ourselves. You love us how we are. We’re all a work in progress as men, And you still love us. And I thank you so much for embracing us.–
  • In this league, experience means a lot.
  • I want to go down as a winner.
  • Everything in my life, I had to take it. They are not going to give it to you out of sympathy. I wouldn’t want it any other way.–
  • I love Oklahoma. The fans have been with me every night. What more can you ask for?
  • I want to be one of the greatest players of all time. I want to be remembered.
  • I’m a big competitor.
  • I don’t watch a lot of other basketball away from the gym. But I do look at LeBron’s box score. I want to see how many points, rebounds and assists he had, and how he shot from the field. If he had 30 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, I can tell you exactly how he did it, what type of shots he made and who he passed to.
  • I fell so many times and got back up. I been through the toughest times with my family, but I’m still standing.
  • It feels good to be a part of history.
  • I wanted to the best player in the state — [the best] the area has ever seen. That’s always been my goal. Guys like Elgin Baylor, Adrian Dantley and Dave Bing, it’s tough to pass those guys. So I’m studying, working. My project’s not over yet. Hopefully, I get there.
  • I'm intrigued on how music is made, that's how I started getting into it. Of course I've been in the booth before, just joking around to see how it is, and I'll make a couple of beats here or there and help my artists out. But other that, I'll stick to listening.
  • You gotta win. That’s all it takes.
  • My mom just wants to make sure that my heart is always in whatever I do and I’m in things for the right reasons.–
  • My time is now.
  • I just loved being in the gym. It was tough at times. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but I’m glad I stuck with it.–
  • Every memory I had growing up was involving a basketball. I didn’t go to the prom and stuff like that. It was always basketball for me.–
  • I like the nucleus that we have. I’m excited. I want to be here as long as possible. It’s like family. I love being here.
  • I play because I have fun. The vets of this team, I just wanted to say thanks to them. You guys mean so much to me. I can have a terrible day and walk in the gym and have Hasheem smile at me. That will change my day.
  • If I continue to just get to the playoffs every year, I guess you could say I arrived, but right now I’m just trying to find my way.
  • I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. I just know for sure I’m going to keep playing basketball.
  • Our best years are only ahead of us, so we got to continue to keep pushing.
  • Music has always been a big part of my life. It’s kind of like a refuge for me. I just use it to get away.

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